Tune In On My Memories: The Work and Play of Richard Blaustein

Richard Blaustein’s music was as open-minded as he was. He thought of himself as an “old-time” musician but avoided labeling things when he could. Traditional music was full of possibilities for Richard. In his mind, it was all interconnected, and exploring the music and the people who play it was a way to understand his own sense of identity and belonging. He often mentioned “fellowship” and “communion” when describing what kept him active and interested in music for over 60 years. Among his friends, he was known to “drop-in” unannounced, fiddle in hand, for a few tunes without much conversation. And when he was done, he might leave as abruptly as he arrived — just needed a music fix. 

On these pages are a sampling of some projects Richard was involved with over the years. As you listen, notice the way his music moves — the lilt, the forward movement, . . .the joy. To a large degree, to know someone’s music is to understand something about them personally.


Curated by Roy Andrade, Ryan Bernard, and Jeremy Smith