East Tennessee State University and World Affairs: a timeline

Below is a timeline of world events and important historical moments at East Tennessee State College in the 1940s and 1950s. The world events provide us with a way to view changes in the college that led to a more diverse campus. 

The dates for events related to East Tennessee State College are in italics and bold.

The dates for events that have both national significance and significance to ETSC are underlined and in bold.

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  • International Relations Club first appears in The Buccaneer


  • Costa Rican woman enrolls in East Tennessee State College 



  • President Truman addresses the Senate and the House of Representatives to encourage U.S. assistance for foreign nations at risk of Communist control
  • The Cold War begins
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  • Korean War
  • Japan signs security treaty with the United States in 1951 
  • In 1952 the McCarran-Walter Act removes the 1924 Immigration Act
    • this allowed immigration into the U.S. from asian countries



  • Husn Adib O. Aboul appears in The Buccaneer as a senior earning his Bachelor's in Social Studies. Lebanon was a long supporter of capitalism and democracy, making them an ally of America during the Cold War.
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  • Two Japanese students enroll in East Tennessee State College
    • During the Korean War, Japan became an ally to America, holding supplies for the American military.
  • In May, Brown vs. Board of Education in Topeka challenges the 'separate but equal' policy. Segregation in educational facilities becomes illegal. 

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  • ETSC releases a statement agreeing to comply with the Tennessee State Board of Education's integration proposal, which called for the gradual desegregation of Tennessee state colleges from 1956-1960
  • The "Fromosa Resolution" states that the United States will come to the defense of Taiwan against communist nations


  • Eisenhower Doctrine states that the Soviet Union is a threat and America will provide "economic assistance and/or aid from U.S. military forces to countries who requested it" (history.state.gov).
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  • International Students Organization created 
  • "Korean Girl Flies 8,900 Miles To Study At ETSC"
  • "Chinese Student At ETSC Confident Of Eventual Return To Her Homeland"
  • The first black American students attend ETSC 

East Tennessee State University and World Affairs: a timeline