Holston Country Houses: Preserving the Past

“Holston Country Houses: Preserving the Past” is one of nine presentations in the Appalachian Outreach Program, developed by the Archives of Appalachia in 1979-1980. The presentation explores the work of historical preservation and its benefits to the community. Through a series of contemporary photographs and interviews with people actively involved in preserving the built environment, the program examines the history of the Devault Tavern (Leesburg, TN), the Derry Inn (Blountville, TN), Rocky Mount (Piney Flats, TN), and the historic district of Jonesboro, TN. In each case, the program emphasizes the human component in this increasingly important aspect of historical and cultural research.


Script for "Holston Country Homes: Preserving the Past"


Flyer for "Holston Country Homes: Preserving the Past"

Holston Country Houses