Summers-Parrott Hardware Company

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One of the more elaborate stationery letterheads in the collection, Summers-Parrott Hardware Company displays a print of their beautiful four-story building, listing underneath its prime location of Buffalo, Ashe and Cherry Streets.  Taking full advantage of the opportunity to advertise, this supplier of vehicles, railroad and mill supplies, is proudly showing off horses and carriages.  A tram runs in front of the building, and a train is visible in the background.  Potential customers are frequenting the wide concrete sidewalk, and the American flag flies proudly on top of the building, drawing attention to the store name SUMMERS-PARROTT HARDWARE COMPANY WHOLESALE, painted in large white letters on all four sides of the building.  To assure customers of a large quanity of stock, a shipping door is open and a wagon is being loaded with goods.

In the 1911 issue of the Johnson City, Tennessee City Directory, a large ad is displayed on the side of the listings page with the following:

"Summers-Parrott Hardware:  Stoves, Vehicles, Paints, Railroad, Mill and Builders' Supplies Stoves, s104-106 e. Main and 106-108 Spring.  Main Street on the Square Phones:  48 and 34."

The store is listed throughout the directory under various headings such as: Retail, Wholesale, Lime, Plaster and Cement.

In the book, Johnson City: The Way We Were, a reprint of the 1909 edition by J. O. Lewis, a full page ad for Summers-Parrott is given with a print of the new building that was to be erected in 1910.  The ad lists the many products and services of "hardware, stoves, tinware, vehicles, paints, sporting goods, railroad, mill, mining and builders' supplies."  The ad states, "We have Traveling Salesmen covering EAST TENNESSEE, WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA AND EASTERN KENTUCKY."  Also on offer is the service of Mail orders.  "Given immediate attention and filled the same day received when possible.  We are well located for quick delivery into surrounding territory on account of Johnson City's favored railroad facilities."

Summers-Parrott Hardware Company