Tennessee’s Mountain Heritage (1983 radio series)

In 1982, the Archives of Appalachia at East Tennessee State University received a matching grant from the Tennessee Committee for the Humanities to produce a series of three radio programs based in part on materials from the Archives’ holdings.  The series was intended to provide an entertaining and educational overview of various aspects of the social history and folklore of southern Appalachia.  Margaret Counts and Richard Blaustein wrote and produced the three programs, which aired on three separate Sunday evenings on the WETS radio station in May of 1983.

This exhibit contains audio of each of the three programs, along with versions of each respective approved script.  Additionally, it includes a guide for conducting oral history interviews and a bibliography for those interested in studying program topics in greater detail, both of which were created by original project staff in 1983.  Finally, the exhibit includes a number of related materials: press releases, newspaper reviews, and advertisements.

All materials in this exhibit are drawn from the Archives of Appalachia’s collection #0237, “Archives of Appalachia and University Archives Records.”