The Downhomers

The Downhomers began in 1935 as a multipiece string band. The makeup of the band changed dozens of times over the course of its multi-decade existence and briefly included the pioneering rock and roll musician Bill Haley in 1944-1945. When the group recorded for Vogue in May of 1946, it comprised Everett "Shorty" Cook, Guy Campbell, Kenny Roberts, and Lloyd Cornell.

Out Where the West Winds Blow

Vogue R736-P48 (rec. 1946-05-18)


The track features Kenny Roberts, who demonstrates his mastery of the yodeling technique.

Who's Gonna Kiss You When I'm Gone?

Vogue R736-P49 (rec. 1946-05-18)


This breakup song was written by Guy Campbell and Everett Hinderer, with a cover illustration by William Wirts.

The Downhomers