World War II News Maps

This exhibit highlights six specific World War II Newsmaps held by the ETSU Sherrod Library's Government Documents, Law and Maps Department, along with WWII-related materials held by ETSU's Archives of Appalachia. The newsmaps summarize weekly developments of military action abroad, while the newspaper articles, photographs, correspondence, and other materials draw attention to specific stories of the war's impact on residents of east Tennessee.

Published by the U.S. Army Information Branch, World War II Newsmaps were poster sized informational maps published weekly from 1942 until 1946 and were designed to motivate and inform American military personnel. Not intended for general distribution, the posters were distributed to military installations, government and civilian groups working on War Department projects, and federally-designated depository libraries such as East Tennessee State University's Sherrod Library, which became a federal depository in 1942.


Curated by Ryan Bernard for the Archives of Appalachia and Paul Nease for the Sherrod Library's Government Documents, Law, and Maps Department