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Folder 07: G. M. Murrell (7.5x12.5 inches), 1881-06-24; George Vincent Survey for Thomas Titsworth (8x11.5 inches), 1780-10-13; Survey (8x8.5 inches), Undated; S. J. Murrell (8x10 inches), Undated; Fred Pitsworth Platt (8x13.5 inches), 1813-05-01;…

Folder 06: Promissory Note and Receipt, John and A. J. Wells, J. F. and Sally Henry (8x9.25 inches), 1876-12-26; Promissory Note and Receipt, S. J. Murrell to Sarah Pearcey (8x5 inches), 1881-07-05.

Folder 05: Envelope addressed to Elizabeth L. Hale (8.5x4 inches), xxxx-12-29; Shelby's rents for 5 years (8x4 inches), 1863-1864; Notes and Calculations (7.75x9.75 inches), Undated; Land Tract Measurements (8x10 inches), Undated; Numeric…

Folder 04: Joseph B. Gilman to Shadrach J. Murrell (8x12.5 inches), 1849-12-04; Joseph B. Gilman to Shadrach J. Murrell (8x12.5 inches), 1849-12-04; John Mullins (8x12.5 inches), 1849-12-03; John Mullins (8x12.5 inches), 1849-12-03; John Mullins …

Folder 03: Courses of a deed from Thomas Pearcy to Gabriel Morgan (8x10 inches), 1827-09-19; The Old Tilsworth Tract (8x8.5 inches), Undated; Peter and Joshua Morgan to David Bragg (7.5x7 inches), 1811-04-30; Extract from Deed, no name (7.75x7.25…

Folder 02: Courses of Richard Murrells Entry on Lynches Branch (7x5 inches), 1832-12-10; S. J. Murrell (8x9.5 inches), 1849-09-03; Richard Murrell (7.5x6 inches), 1832-11-20.

Folder 01: S. J. Murrell - Tract or Parcel of Land, Sullivan County (22x12 inches), 1860-01-07; Thomas Pearcey to Richard Murrell (7.5x12.5 inches), 1826-10-09; Thomas Bragg to David Bragg (7.5x10 inches), Undated; Thomas Pitsworth and Richard…
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