Photograph album, 1905-1908, undated


Photograph album, 1905-1908, undated


Box 2: Page 01: [Scrapbook Front Cover]; Page 02: Rail line along river; men and dogs at tunnel entrance, undated; Page 03: Trestle construction (#3987), undated; Page 04: Trestle construction, undated; Page 05: Laborers laying rails, undated; Page 06: [illegible]-Atlanta Division, mile 36 - 6' arch culvert; 16' arch, mile 37, [illegible]-Atlanta Division; AB&A crossing L&N and Buck Creek, Helena, Alabama; railroad bridge, undated; Page 07: Construction of rail viaduct; rail lines and viaduct, undated; Page 08: False work and concrete pier and abutment at Crooked Creek, Alabama, undated; Page 09: River view; steam shovel; Alexander Bonnyman and two other men on rail handcart circa 1905; survey crew, 1905, 1905, undated; Page 10: Rail cut; railroad tunnel entrance; railroad line; steam shovel, undated; Page 11: Steam shovel 2290; construction crew digging rock, undated; Page 12: Man in ox cart; men and women on steps of house or inn; men and horses on ferry boat; group at Manchester, Georgia (Fuller E. Callaway of LaGrange, Georgia identified), 1908, 1908, undated; Page 13: Factory building; railroad station, undated; Page 14: Workers on culvert arch; bridge pier and aerial ropeway carrying people across river; railroad trestle; culvert arch, undated; Page 15: Railroad station; water tank and house; train at station, undated; Page 16: Railroad station; cars on railroad trestle; men at Southern Express Company office at Manchester, Georgia; men and cart on railroad tracks, undated; Page 17: Men at tent camp; men on horseback; tent camp; surveyors in front of tent; men at ferry boat landing (mule and cart on boat); men in horse drawn buggy, undated; Page 18: Rail cut; men having shoes shined in tent camp, undated; Page 19: Horse; men with mule drawn wagon; men at rail cut (#12); men on foot bridge over river with dam in background (#15); people in tent camp, undated; Page 20: Large gathering of people on bridge "west of Talladega, Alabama", 1908; Page 21: People in rowboats; four men on rail hand cart; group of men; horse; tent; men and women inside tent; men below railroad pier; men at back of railroad passenger car, undated; Page 22: Workmen with steam shovel and train; rail line along river, undated; Page 23: Well house and Stewart & Kleckley General Merchandise; stream flowing through woods; waterfall; mill dam and buildings, undated; Page 24: Camp Ridley menu, 24 June 1905; steam shovel and train; men in front of tent (cyanotype), 1905, undated; Page 25: Culvert arch between two gravel embankments; machine laying railroad ties, undated; Page 26: Trestle under construction; men on culvert arch below gravel embankment, undated; Page 27: Culvert, undated; Page 28: Steel panel being installed on viaduct; bridge piers in river and aerial ropeway carrying passengers, undated; Page 29: Men with mule cart in railroad cut; shanties next to railroad tracks, undated; Page 30: Viaduct under construction; construction train on trestle with covered road bridge alongside, undated; Page 31: Gravel embankment at trestle construction site; Engine 71 pulling open cars, undated; Page 32: Workmen at ridge cut; "[illegible] team in action" (mule team pulling cart), undated; Page 33: Culvert; workment and mule teams, undated; Page 34: Well house; road bed; stream and woodland; man in muledrawn cart (captioned "The Fast Mail", Tombigbee River); woodland view, undated; Page 35: Steel panel being installed on viaduct at 15th Street; railroad station; contractor's outfit and 16' arch, Mile 37, Manchester-Atlanta, undated; Page 36: Men on top of railroad bridge, Tallapoosa River; men standing on trestle abutment, undated; Page 37: Waterfall; body of water; trestle under construction; ox team hauling log (captioned "The Through Freight", Tombigbee River); view of a town and W.P. Shealy's Saloon, undated; Page 38: Railbed by river; trestle under constructin; men and horses; men or horseback; group of men in front of tents; man seated beneath tree, undated; Page 39: Trestle under construction with surveyors in foreground; railroad bridge over river; steam shovel and workmen; viaduct, undated; Page 40: Culvert arch (#4983), circa 1907; Page 41: Trestle under construction (#4987), undated; Page 42: Concrete piers with mule cart in foregrount (#4829), undated; Page 43: Concrete piers (#4914), undated; Page 44: [Scrapbook Back Cover]


Alexander Bonnyman Papers, Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University


1905-1908 and undated


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