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Beneath Still Waters - Osborne Brothers.mp3
"Beneath Still Waters" by The Osborne Brothers

Flint Hill Special - Bela Fleck, Tony Trischka.mp3
"Flint Hill Special" by Bela Fleck, Tony Trischka, and Bill Keith

Molly and Tembrooks - Tony Rice, J.D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson.mp3
"Molly and Tembrooks" by Tony Rice, J.D. Crowe, and Doyle Lawson

Ruby- The Osborne Brothers.mp3
"Ruby" by The Osborne Brothers

Newspaper article recounting Pearl Harbor attack in 1941.

Victor 18956 A

Brunswick 103

CharlieBowmanBuckle Busters_BugintheTaters.mp3
Brunswick 182 B





Perfect 12805 A (11041)

The William Laban Brown Civil War Letters comprise the entirety of Series 1 from the William Laban Brown and A. R. Brown Family Papers, held by the Archives of Appalachia at East Tennessee State University. This series consists of sixty-one letters…

760_1004_A_Buster Pack and Lonesome Pine Boys_A Wife to Love and a Horse to Plow.mp3

760_1004_B_Buster Pack and Lonesome Pine Boys_Honey Wont You Tell Me Please.mp3

Indian Boogie

I'm Waiting 'Neath Pine

CPooleNorthCarolinaRamblers_Forks of Sandy.mp3
Columbia 15106-D (142632)

Columbia 15127-D (142642)

The Clear Fork Baptist Church Minute Book, held by the Archives of Appalachia at East Tennessee State University, consists of a single bound volume that contains handwritten meeting minutes, membership lists, financial records, and the names of…

Transcription of Clear Fork Baptist Church Minute Book, 1875-1900

The document consists of three parts: (1) Section A: “Reflections of the Clinchfield,” essay by Benjamin Cramer (2) Section B: Glossary of Railroad Terms (3) Section C: Transcript of interview with Jack Hawkins of the Clinchfield Railroad

Nine photographs of Lost Cove, Yancey County, North Carolina, including: vehicles, buildings, and a grave marker.

Fifty-six minute audiocassette recording (sides A and B combined) of interview with Jack Hawkins, 14 March 1995.Digital file is available to stream here.
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