Alfred Briggs Nix Collection, 1780-1881 and undated


Alfred Briggs Nix Collection, 1780-1881 and undated


The Alfred Briggs Nix Collection, held by the Archives of Appalachia at East Tennessee State University, consists of various documents, primarily from Sullivan and Washington Counties in Tennessee, including original deeds, copies of deeds, information extracted from deeds and land grants (usually descriptions of property conveyed), entries, copies of North Carolina land grants, a Tennessee land grant, surveys, promissory notes, and miscellaneous documents.

The current digital collection contains PDF file surrogates created in 2023 of the complete content of the collection.


Nix, Alfred Briggs (Person)


Alfred Briggs Nix Collection, Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University


1780-1881 and undated


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ETSU Archives of Appalachia: AppMs-0378

Collection Items

Surveys, 1780-1881 and undated
Folder 07: G. M. Murrell (7.5x12.5 inches), 1881-06-24; George Vincent Survey for Thomas Titsworth (8x11.5 inches), 1780-10-13; Survey (8x8.5 inches), Undated; S. J. Murrell (8x10 inches), Undated; Fred Pitsworth Platt (8x13.5 inches), 1813-05-01;…

Promissory notes, 1876-1881
Folder 06: Promissory Note and Receipt, John and A. J. Wells, J. F. and Sally Henry (8x9.25 inches), 1876-12-26; Promissory Note and Receipt, S. J. Murrell to Sarah Pearcey (8x5 inches), 1881-07-05.

Notes and Calculations, 1876 and undated
Folder 05: Envelope addressed to Elizabeth L. Hale (8.5x4 inches), xxxx-12-29; Shelby's rents for 5 years (8x4 inches), 1863-1864; Notes and Calculations (7.75x9.75 inches), Undated; Land Tract Measurements (8x10 inches), Undated; Numeric…

Land grants, 1780-1784 and 1860
Folder 04: Joseph B. Gilman to Shadrach J. Murrell (8x12.5 inches), 1849-12-04; Joseph B. Gilman to Shadrach J. Murrell (8x12.5 inches), 1849-12-04; John Mullins (8x12.5 inches), 1849-12-03; John Mullins (8x12.5 inches), 1849-12-03; John Mullins …

Extracts from deeds and land grants, 1804-1831 and undated
Folder 03: Courses of a deed from Thomas Pearcy to Gabriel Morgan (8x10 inches), 1827-09-19; The Old Tilsworth Tract (8x8.5 inches), Undated; Peter and Joshua Morgan to David Bragg (7.5x7 inches), 1811-04-30; Extract from Deed, no name (7.75x7.25…

Entries, 1832 and 1849
Folder 02: Courses of Richard Murrells Entry on Lynches Branch (7x5 inches), 1832-12-10; S. J. Murrell (8x9.5 inches), 1849-09-03; Richard Murrell (7.5x6 inches), 1832-11-20.

Deeds, 1826-1865 and undated
Folder 01: S. J. Murrell - Tract or Parcel of Land, Sullivan County (22x12 inches), 1860-01-07; Thomas Pearcey to Richard Murrell (7.5x12.5 inches), 1826-10-09; Thomas Bragg to David Bragg (7.5x10 inches), Undated; Thomas Pitsworth and Richard…
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