J.P. Sauceman & the Hillbilly Ramblers

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Sauceman Brothers

Day Dreaming in Sorrow

Youi Told Me Your Love Was True

Carl and John Paul (J.P.) Sauceman's first home was the Bright Hope community in Greene County, in the heart of East Tennessee. They were born in 1922 and 1928, respectively.

The brothers learned songs from their father, mother, and other relatives. As children, Carl and J.P. learned to play guitar. During the years of World War II and afterward, their interest and musical proficiency had progressed to the point that they were able to perform on regional radio shows including WISE in Asheville, WHKY in Hickory, North Carolina and WGRV in Greeneville, Tennessee.

This was the beginning of the musical endeavors that would see the brothers record for a variety of important labels such as RICH-R-TONE, Mercury, Republic, and Capitol. The brothers and their band, like many bluegrass bands to follow, seemed to be fertile ground for budding musicians such as Curly Seckler, Tater Tate, Benny Sims, Red Rector, and Red Smiley.

J.P. Sauceman & the Hillbilly Ramblers