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Homegas is the name of a much-celebrated 1970 album conceived by Peter (Aceves) Narvaez and produced by legendary musician/producer John Fahey on his Takoma label. The band’s nucleus was Narvaez, Neil Rosenberg, and Richard, who were all doctoral candidates at Indiana Unversity’s Folklore Institute. Navarez was fond of the blues, Rosenberg of bluegrass, and Richard was the old-time music specialist — they thought of their music as a combination of these influences and called it “acoustic rock.” Having changed their name from the “Friends of Greasy Greens” to “Stoney Lonesome” and finally “Homegas,” the group recorded and re-recorded the music on this album several times before Fahey was satisfied. The band was short-lived, and Navarez and Rosenberg moved to Newfoundland to pursue their academic careers, and Richard moved south to east Tennessee.

Overshadowed at the time by another 1970 Takoma release,  Leo Kottke's 6 & 12 String album, Homegas has become something of a cult classic.

Homegas (Takoma C1026), released in 1970, features perfomances by Richard Blaustein (fiddle), Peter Aceves (guitar, rack harp, vocals), Jim Barden (hand harp), Dave Brock (hand harp), John Hyslop (bass), Neil Rosenberg (mandolin, banjo), and Dave Satterfield (vocals).

The complete recording is available to stream at the following link: Homegas